Friday, November 21, 2008

Ecology Center Visit

At the composting workshop, Laura read us a story about a family making a compost heap and John read us a poem about the composting cycle. We learned a new science word: “decomposers”. Decomposers are organisms that feed on and break down dead matter.

We sang a song about decomposers:
Soil critters, soil critters, *
Crunch and munch
Crunch and munch
Dead things turn to soil.
*In other verses, this line is replaced with various critters: worms, beetles, sow bugs, etc.

The next task was to work in groups to make temporary compost bins. After making the bins, the children compared their compost materials with composted soil. They used all their senses, except taste, to make comparisons between the two containers. Then, they shared their observations with the other scientist in the room.

The children enjoyed and learned from the workshop. Thanks to Laura and John for the presentation and the City of Ann Arbor for supporting the Ecology Center’s educational outreach programs.

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