Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trader Joes Field trip

Thank you to Doug and Trader Joes for a great tour. It was interesting to learn about the “behind the scenes” life of a grocery store. Doug took us into the “employee only” section of the store. We saw that everyone who works in the store has a locker to keep their things, much like our cubbies at school. In the back of the store, we met people who keep track of all the food that gets put out for costumers to buy. There was a table with art supplies where the artists create the signs and trees for the store. In the back, there was also a huge freezer and refrigerator that we had the opportunity to walk into.

Like SK, Trader Joes recycles. They have a big machine that crushes the boxes before they go to the recycling station. The store also encourages customers to use reusable bags. They gave each child a Trader Joes bag for use when they shop. Most of the children agreed that “Miss Elaine” held the most desirable job at the store. She is the person who fixes sample for customers to try. She let us try apples, plums, and lemonade.

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